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How to set up a Siteimprove Share Widget

Modified on: Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 at 2:58 PM

The Siteimprove Share Widget allows your website visitors to quickly print, email, or share content on different social media platforms. Only Account owners and Administrators only can manage Share Widget settings.

Clients using the Siteimprove Analytics Suite can enable the Share Widget via the left menu in the Siteimprove platform.

Note: Clients subscribed to the Siteimprove Content Suite only, will need to add the Siteimprove Analytics code to their website before enabling the widget. To learn more, see: “Adding Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript to your website”.

To set up a Share Widget, click Integrations > Share Widget, then click on New Widget.

Customize your widget by following the steps below. You can see a preview of the Search Widget while you are configuring the settings.

Set the name and display priority of your widget

  1. Give your widget a unique name.
  2. If you want to set up multiple Share Widgets, you can set the display priority of the current widget by moving it to the top/bottom of the list, and then adjusting its priority in relation to existing share widgets on the Share Widget overview page. This means that where two widgets both match the display conditions for a webpage, only the one with the higher priority will be shown.Name_and_Priority

Decide where your widget should be shown

  1. Specify the pages the widget should appear on (or where it shouldn’t appear) under URL match conditions. You can enter the exact URL of a page where you want the widget to appear or not appear, or you can choose to have it appear on all pages with a specific URL element. You can also have your widget display on all pages in a group by clicking “Add from group”.Share_widget_URL_match_field

Select on-screen sharing options

  1. Check off the sharing options that you want to create shortcuts for in the onscreen widget. Your visitors will still have access to all the sharing options you don't select. They'll just be displayed separately when your visitor clicks on the sharing options “…” button in the widget. Each Share Widget has a minimum of three sharing shortcuts and a maximum of five.Widget_sharing_options_selected

Customize the look and feel of your widget

  1. You can customize your widget by:
    • Matching your widget to your webpage's color scheme
    • Adding rounded corners for a softer look or a shadow to make the widget pop
    • Deciding whether to hide the widget on mobile browsers for a less cluttered feel

Advanced options: localization and accessibility

  1. If you would like to localize the labels for the print and email icons, and the header that appears in the modal box that pops up when your visitors click on the “…” button, you can do so by adding them under “Localization Options” under the Advanced Options 
  2. You can add mouseover descriptions that can be read aloud by assistive technology like screen readers under “Assistive technology mouseover descriptions”. These descriptions will also be used as mouseover labels when users hover their cursors over icons in the Share Widget.mouseover_descriptions

That’s it! When you are happy with the look and feel, Save the changes and the widget will be enabled on your website.

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