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What are Conversion Blockers?

Modified on: Thu, 24 Mar, 2022 at 10:40 AM

Conversion blockers are insights found regarding your Google Ads landing pages that can negatively impact paid search performance and ROI.

Landing pages are discovered using the Siteimprove to Google Ads integration. Conversions blockers are then identified using Siteimprove’s crawler technology for each landing page.

The results of these checks are presented on a Page report within Siteimprove Ads along with a business impact description and advice on how to address the issues. 

Note: Siteimprove checks the active landing pages every 5 days.

The following checks are carried out on the landing pages in order to determine any conversion blockers.

Conversion BlockerSeverity
Broken linkVery High
MisspellingVery High
Image larger than 1MB Medium 
Outdated documentsHigh
Outdated media filesMedium
Too many internal linksMedium
Low word-countLow
Image with empty alt attributeLow
Slow page loadingVery High
Page not updated within the last yearVery High
Empty H1 tagsHigh
Missing H1 tagsHigh
Color contrast is insufficientMedium
No option to skip repeated contentLow
Input field has no descriptionHigh
Text area has no descriptionHigh
Select box has no descriptionHigh
Field label is not visibleHigh
Linked image is missing alternative textMedium
Image with no alt attributeHigh
Webpage has multiple title elements or no title elementLow
Webpage title is missing textLow
Alternative text for the image is a file nameMedium
Form control label is missing textHigh
Language of page has not been setMedium
WAI-ARIA image is missing alternative textHigh
Unsafe DomainsVery High
Dead-end pagesMedium
Links to unsafe domainsVery High
Missing structured data markupLow
iFrame on pageLow
HTML pages over 1MBMedium
301 redirectsLow
Https availableMedium

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