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CMS Plugin: Why am I getting the error message "Missing access to page"?

Modified on: Mon, 27 Sep, 2021 at 11:37 AM

You may have come across the "Missing access to page" error message when using the Siteimprove CMS Plugin. This article is intended to help you troubleshoot the issue.


This error message may appear if:

  • You have not published the page.
  • The page is not crawled in the platform due to several reasons some of which are listed below:
    • A crawl of your site is taking place, therefore the crawler may not see the page.
    • The page was published before a scheduled crawl has taken place or in the time between the last crawl and the installation of the plugin.
    • The page was published but not crawled in the platform upon publishing it.
    • We are not crawling the site.
    • There is an issue with the crawl causing the page not to be crawled even though it is published.
  • You have a cache issue.
  • You do not have the correct user rights.
  • The plugin isn't configured correctly.

How to troubleshoot the issue

There are a number of different ways that you can resolve this issue listed below. 

Make sure that your page is published. If the page is not published you will receive this error.

  • Resolution: Publish the page and ensure that the page is crawled in the Siteimprove platform. See #2. 

Check that the page is crawled in the Siteimprove platform. You can do this by doing a search for the published page URL under Quality Assurance > Inventory > Pages. If the page is not being crawled in the Siteimprove platform you will receive the "Missing access to page" error.

  • Resolutions: 
    • If the page is published, but not yet crawled, as the scheduled crawl hasn't been done yet or the page was not crawled in the platform upon publishing, then you can add it under Quality Assurance > Summary > Single Page Check, and once that check is complete there results for the page should show in the plugin. Otherwise, you can wait for the next full site recrawl.
    • If you add the URL under Quality Assurance > Summary > Single Page Check and it still won't crawl there is likely an issue with the crawl. In this case please submit a support ticket.
    • If we are not crawling the site so you can't find the page, work to add the site in the platform see Adding a Site (Tips & Tricks).

Re-check the page for issues if the option is available. That will recheck the page in the platform under Quality Assurance > Summary > Single Page Check (where you can check that it is crawled) and results should display in the plugin once this is complete.

Plug in header Re-check tab

Confirm that you have the correct user rights within the Siteimprove platform. If you don't have access to the page in the platform then you won't have access to the plugin. See User Roles & Rights

Check that the plugin is configured correctly. 

  • Resolution: Consult with the CMS plugin installation guide (if applicable) or whoever installed the plugin (in the case of vendor or third-party involvement) to confirm that the configuration is set up correctly. Installation guides and contacts can be found under the corresponding plugins on the Siteimprove CMS plugin page.  

If you are still running into the issue after that please submit a support ticket.

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