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Policy: Make Your Own Rules

Modified on: Thu, 24 Nov, 2022 at 1:48 PM

Policy empowers you with tools to help enforce your organization's web standards and content strategies to provide the most professional, consistent experience for your visitors across all of your web properties.
To put it more simply, think of it as having a "CTRL+F" for your entire website(s) to:

  • Flag sensitive or outdated content for review (e.g. content over 6 years old should be refreshed.)
  • Enforce style guides, branding consistency, and trademarks (e.g. pricing change for a feature/service, uniform phone number formatting)
  • Make mass updates easier (e.g. if someone leaves your organization and you need to scrub their name from your site)
  • Catching common mistakes (e.g. "pubic" instead of "public" happens a lot and can be embarrassing!)

This page is intended to teach you the basics, by helping you get started with:

If this is your first time using this feature, we recommend taking a quick tour with our Policy Overview. You can also reference more ways to learn if you'd prefer to follow along with a webinar, or take a formal course in Siteimprove Frontier (Using Policies to Optimize your Website (30mins)).

Creating a Content Policy

Content policies relate to page content, such as title, URL, page text, meta tags, link text, page level, and more. The video linked below walks through how to create and review matches for a content policy.

Help Center Article: Creating Policies

In-App Tutorial: How to Create a Policy

How to Create a Content Policy (Video):

Creating a Document Policy

Document policies relate to document types, location, size, age, and referring pages. Learn how to create a document policy for locating PDFs on your website.

How to Create a Document Policy (Video):

Creating a Media Policy

Media policies relate to media files, such as file type, location, size, age, and referring pages. Learn how to create a media policy to find all large image files on your site. 

How to Create a Media Policy (Video):

Using the Policy Library

The Policy Library contains ready-made policy templates that you can set up and customize to automatically detect "matches" that meet specific criteria. It's chock full of templates that can help you ensure that your site meets organizational or industry standards.

Help Center Article: Policy Library

In-App Tutorial: How to add a Policy from the Policy Library
Introduction to Policy Library (Video):

Reviewing Your Active Policies

The My Policies page shows all of your existing policies you have in place. You can review all custom policies, and policies added from the Policy Library here.

How to View Your Active Policies (Video):

More Ways to Learn

Frontier Course:
Using Policies to Optimize your Website (30mins)

Policy - A Siteimprove Hero

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