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User Roles and Permissions

Modified on: Thu, 18 Jul, 2024 at 3:04 PM

This article is intended to inform you about the different User Roles and their permissions within Siteimprove services. Information on changing a user role can be found in the article How do I change a user’s role?

There are currently 5 default user roles that cannot be edited or deleted. These roles can be copied to create new customized roles if required. Learn more on how to customize user roles [InApp tutorial].

The default user roles can be summarized as follows:

  • Account Owner – All view and action permissions.
  • Administrator – All view permissions and most action permissions. (See table for details.)
  • User – All view permissions and action permissions, but no access to settings.
  • Read Only – Only view permissions and no action permissions.
  • Report Recipient – No view or action permissions.

Note: The permissions listed apply to the groups, sites and/or checkpoints that a user has been granted access to by an Account Owner. Users with no access to Siteimprove's services can still view an individual Page Report if they have the unique Page Report URL. 

Below you will find a breakdown of the permission for each of the default User Roles.


PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

Export (CSV / PDF)

Export to report template

Schedule Reports

Recheck single pages/pdfs

Recheck own groups

Re-crawl entire website

Add and delete single page checks

View graph annotations

Manage annotations

Siteimprove FrontierAccess

View DCI menu items

Manage, Create Dashboard

Add, edit and delete page tags

Quality Assurance

PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View QA data

Dismiss/Confirm broken links

Manage misspellings for all pages/sites

Manage misspellings for your own pages/sites

Upload words to the dictionary

View readability data

Manage readability actions

View inventory

Manage inventory


PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View SEO data

Ignore at page level & site level

Create Tags, put tags on keywords

Create, Edit and Delete Activity Plans

Add/remove keywords to/from Activity plans

Set target page

Authorize Google Search Console integration

Accessibility NextGen

PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View accessibility data

Set a site target

Set account-wide site target

Review potential issues


PermissionActionsReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner
View Summary, Policies, Items with Policy Matches
  • Access “Policy Overview” and “My Policies” sections
  • Access the sub-menus “QA Policies,” “Accessibility Policies,” and “SEO Policies” in the QA, Accessibility and SEO sections respectively

View Policy library

  • Access the “Policy Library” section

View My Sites
  • Access the “My sites” section

Create and edit policies for individual sites    

  • Create, edit, deactivate, reactivate, or delete policies for at least one site

  • Duplicate a policy and apply it to selected sites 

  • Ignore or Undo Ignore a policy match

*Create policy for all sites

  • Create, edit, deactivate, reactivate, or delete policies for all sites

  • Duplicate a policy and apply it to all sites 

Add policy from library

  • Add Policy from the policy templates in “Policy Library”

*Needs the permission "Create and edit policies for individual sites" as a pre-requisite.


PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View statistics

View key metrics

Manage/edit key metrics

Manage/edit Funnels

Manage user journeys

Manage behavior map

View user feedback

Manage feedback

Extract Visitor Data file

Manage privacy settings

Manage Domains

Manage Site configuration

Data Privacy

PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View Data Privacy Data, Policies, Domains and IP

Add sites to be scanned for personal data

Add, move, and reject domains

Add, delete, and ignore names

Change PIN country-specific format

Change PIN alert email recipient


PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View, create, edit and delete measurements

Web Security

PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

Grant access to other customer user roles

View security scan results for different domains

Manage scanned domains

View specific issue types

Note: Account owners can grant access onwards to other custom roles.


PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View and export Ads data

Setup Analytics integration

Manage account

Customize targets

Make real-time changes

Manage Users

PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

View user details

Manage users

View own profile

Edit own profile

View roles

Manage Account Owner role

Manage Administrator, User, Report recipient, Read-only and Custom user roles

View password policy

Manage password policy

Note: Only an Account Owner can grant Account Owner permission to another user.

Settings & Integrations

PermissionReport recipientRead OnlyUserAdminAccount owner

Account information

View sites

Manage sites

Add/delete sites

Edit/add exclusions and aliases

View groups

Manage groups

View readability settings

Manage readability test for all sites

View PDF check

Manage PDF checking

View analytics filters

Manage filters


Manage parameters

View feedback settings

Manage feedback surveys

View tags

Manage tags

View API keys

Manage API keys

View SSO settings

Manage SSO

Manage Share Widget

Add Jira connections

Connect URL shortener Integrations

Create Manage/Jira issues

View Crawler Management

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