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Can I see Siteimprove data in Google Looker Studio (GLS)?

Modified on: Thu, 4 Jan, 2024 at 8:03 PM

Yes, the integration between Siteimprove and Google Looker Studio (GLS), formerly Google Data Studio (GDS), allows you to get your Siteimprove data directly into Google Looker Studio, so you can easily visualize and share the data in customizable, informative dashboards.

Note: You must be an Account Owner or Administrator to set up the integration with Google Looker Studio. Siteimprove Analytics data is not available in the GDS integration at this time. 

Google Looker Studio Integration

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization and reporting tool that syncs multiple data sources into one platform. It enables users to turn their data into customizable reports and interactive dashboards that are easy to schedule, read and share.

Connect Google Looker Studio and Siteimprove to monitor and improve your website's performance directly from your Google Data Studio dashboards and discover the benefits of including your website's performance alongside the rest of your digital marketing metrics.

Thanks to this integration you can:

  • Monitor your website's performance directly from your Google Looker Studio dashboards
  • Include your website's data and performance in your Google Looker Studio reports
  • Unite your website’s performance and digital marketing data in one place, to get the insights needed to make smarter decisions and continually optimize your website 

Using Siteimprove Intelligence Platform (SIP) data in Google Looker Studio (GDS)

While the Google Looker Studio (GDS) fields are exposed as a flat list, there is an underlying structure limiting how they can be used together. The Siteimprove Google Looker Studio Data model helps you understand how to combine dimensions and metrics. This data model will be updated as we add data to the connector. It assumes a basic understanding of the GDS platform and a basic familiarity with the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform (SIP).

Also see: Siteimprove Google Looker Studio connector and reports

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