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January 2021 Release Highlights

Modified on: Fri, 1 Oct, 2021 at 12:43 PM

Our monthly release highlights include a brief summary of the top new features of the previous month.

This month’s update includes:

Updated Drupal CMS Plugin

In January, we released an updated version of our Drupal CMS plugin, which includes the same "Prepublish" functionality available in our Adobe AEM plugin. This new feature allows you to check for issues before publishing, giving you confidence that new pages on your site are error-free from the beginning. You can find an updated installation guide and user manual on our Drupal page.

Drupal CMS showing Plugin

New System Filters in Analytics

This month also included an update to our Analytics module - new system-generated filters. We include these filters in every Analytics subscription to provide our users with easy access to information, as well as inspiration for their own filters.

The most recent additions to our system-generated filters are used to segment organic search traffic, including options for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They can easily be accessed from either the Filters page or the Filters drop-down in Analytics.

New System Filters in Analytics page

If you're looking for more filter ideas, you can check out our Analytics Filter Library.

New National IDs in Data Privacy

In our last highlight from January, we'd like to celebrate the addition of new National IDs for Japan, Singapore, and Austria in our Data Privacy module.

National ID page in platformIt's now easier than ever to keep track of potential national IDs (eg. Social Security numbers, CPR numbers, etc.) on your site. You can read more about tracking these down in our article Locating personal identification numbers on your site.

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