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Siteimprove Integrations

Modified on: Fri, 14 Jul, 2023 at 2:12 AM

Siteimprove has numerous integration possibilities to improve your website maintenance and business intelligence workflows. This article gives an overview of the integrations available.

The integrations are available at, Integrations > Integrations Overview, on the main menu within the Siteimprove Platform. You can also visit Siteimprove's Integrations page to learn more about the available integrations. 

Note: Siteimprove is happy to help with questions regarding configuring the integration. Siteimprove does not provide support or product help for the third-party software with which you are connecting.

CMS Plugin

The Siteimprove CMS plugins integrate with several content management systems so you can fix errors and use SEO, accessibility, and analytics insights to optimize content during the editing process. For further information see "How to navigate the Siteimprove CMS Plugin".

For a full list of the CMS Plugins available see the CMS plugin page on the Siteimprove site. To view the versions of the plugins available visit the individual plugin pages. 

A number of CMS Plugins have the added advantage of Siteimprove’s Prepublish check functionality which allows you to check for certain content issues before publishing. For more information on this see What is Prepublish?

Browser Extensions

Siteimprove's browser extensions allow you to monitor content quality and accessibility progress as you view your website in a browser.

  • Siteimprove Browser extension: Lets you see the DCI® Score of any page on your website and gives a direct link to Page Reports to optimize your SEO, QA and Accessibility Scores.
  • Siteimprove Accessibility Checker: Evaluate your website's accessibility compliance as you browse and see where issues occur on the page.

For further information see "What is the Siteimprove Browser Extension?", Siteimprove Accessibility Checker - Chrome Extension, and the Siteimprove Browser Extensions page.


You can import Siteimprove data to a growing number of business applications, from business intelligence tools to task management tools.  

Business Intelligence

Our selection of data visualization tools helps you share business intelligence and Siteimprove data in an easy, interactive way.

The following business intelligence integrations are available:

  • Google Looker (Data) Studio: Visualize Siteimprove data as customizable reports and interactive dashboards to monitor your key metrics with Google Data Studio.
  • Tableau integration: Makes it easy for users to import Siteimprove data into your Tableau dashboards and reports. A number of API endpoints are exposed as samples on Tableau. Users can enter additional Siteimprove API endpoints as necessary. Learn more about the Tableau integration.
  • Klipfolio integration: Allows you to build dashboards with data from a multitude of data sources including Siteimprove. 10 Siteimprove API endpoints are available on Klipfolio as samples. Users can add others using Klipfolio functionality. Learn more about the Klipfolio integration.
  • Power BI integration: Microsoft Power BI's data visualization capabilities work with Siteimprove insights to create an interactive way to share your data. All Siteimprove API endpoints are exposed for use on Power BI. Learn more about the Power BI integration.
  • “SEO Tools for Excel” integration: Enables users through an Excel plugin to easily import Siteimprove data into Excel. Learn more about the “SEO Tools for Excel” integration.

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation integrations enable you to add marketing landing pages to your Siteimprove account. This allows you to get insights on customer behavior and optimize your content for conversions on these pages.

The following marketing integrations are available:

Task Management

Share insights from the Siteimprove platform within the Project Management Tools you are already using.

The following task management integrations are available:

  • Jira integration: Allows you to create Jira issues directly from the Siteimprove platform into Jira.  You can then track and assign these issues to the appropriate teams, speeding up the time it takes to resolve them. Learn more about Jira integration.
  • Azure DevOps: Allows you to create work items directly from the platform into Azure DevOps. You can then manage the tasks in the Azure DevOps environment. Learn more about Azure DevOps integration.

Priority data provider

Having ‘Priority data’ means you can see Pages views over the last 30 days throughout the content modules (e.g. SEO, QA, Accessibility) and within the CMS Plugin. This helps you make informed, data-driven decisions based on a page’s popularity.

We integrate with the following providers:

URL Shortener

The URL shortener integration enables Siteimprove to access URL shortener data and see the data within the Siteimprove CMS plugin. 

The following URL Shortener integrations are available: 


Siteimprove API

The Siteimprove API allows you to pull Siteimprove data into your own customized solutions. For further information see: 

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