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December 2021 & January 2022 Release Highlights

Modified on: Thu, 6 Oct, 2022 at 3:43 PM

Our monthly release highlights include a brief summary of the top new features from the previous month.

The December & January updates include:

Improvements to adding recipients to Dashboard Reports

In line with Siteimprove’s ongoing improvements to Dashboards, it's now possible to add recipients in multiple ways when scheduling reports. We have added new flexibility by updating Dashboards reports with three options:

  • Rules allow the report owner to set up criteria for deciding which users should receive reports. Criteria can include user role, users with specific user access, users with access to a specific website, etc.
  • Selecting Individuals allows a report owner to select recipients from a list of users on the account. Instead of previously having to enter email addresses or copy email lists into a field, the report owner can now add users from the list. They can apply filters and tags or search for specific users to add.
  • Adding external users is an option where the report owner can add email addresses of report recipients. In this field, it's possible to add external report recipients, which allows you to send out customized reports with KPIs, statistics, and tasks to external users, such as an agency when associated with a project.

Read more about how to schedule a Dashboard report in this article: Configuring Siteimprove Dashboards and Dashboard reports.

Video: How to add recipients to Dashboard Reports

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