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Siteimprove Community FAQs

Modified on: Fri, 5 May, 2023 at 1:04 AM

What is the Siteimprove Community?

The Siteimprove community forum serves as the global virtual town hall for customers to connect, support and inspire one another.  

How would I engage in the Siteimprove Community?

  • Connect with other Si Community users across the globe and Siteimprovers by engaging in discussions about the product and relevant areas e.g. Accessibility, SEO etc.
  • Provide and gain support from fellow Si Community users by asking and answering questions, sourcing existing resources such as related Help Centre articles.
  • Inspire the community by sharing how you’ve utilized the Siteimprove platform and learned strategies. Celebrate your wins or how you implemented recent learnings.

Who can join the Siteimprove Community Forum? 

Siteimprove users join the forum, you will need to be registered as a SIP user to gain access. 

How do I register for the community? 

If you’re a first time user on the forum, complete the short self-registration form.

How do I log into the community? 

As a registered user, log in by entering your credentials on the sign in page.

How to get started once I’m logged into the community? 

  1. Joining the forum is a super simple 2 step process.
  2. Follow the onboarding steps which takes you through the practices on making best use of the community.
  3. Setup your profile by inputting a nickname and add a friendly profile photo.
  4. Be sure to take the time to introduce yourself so we can say hello!

How do I post in the community? 

Start a discussion or share by selecting the ‘Create a Post’ button on the right hand side of the homepage.

How can I edit my profile? 

Edit your profile by selecting your profile avatar and username at the top of the homepage by the search bar. A dropdown menu should appear, select ‘My Profile’ and edit. Be sure to take the time to edit your username and profile photo so we can get to know you.

How do I send a private message? 

Want to pick up a conversation with another user via private messages? Send a message by selecting your profile avatar and username at the top of the homepage by the search bar. A dropdown menu should appear, select ‘My Messages’. Select the ‘New’ button to start a new message thread, to add to an existing thread find your conversations listed.

Where can I find the code of conduct for the Community Forum? 

The code of conduct is always available to review on the menu bar.

Who do I reach out to about any Community Forum related queries? 

Please email for any help on the community forum.

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