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How to prioritize the feedback you are most interested in (Siteimprove Feedback)

Modified on: Wed, 13 Dec, 2023 at 5:13 PM

When you add additional feedback to the database and vote for feedback others have submitted, it's important to prioritize your feedback to help Siteimprove determine which feedback is most valuable to you and your team. 

Follow these steps to prioritize feedback

  1. Go to the portal view of the feedback database by clicking the ‘Open in Portal’ link.
    screenshot of open in portal button
  2. Adjust the priority bar on the feedback that you have on your list of priorities.
    screenshot of the adjust bar in the portal view
  3. When you adjust the bar you highlight the feedback that you think is the most important:
    1. If you prioritize one piece of feedback high by moving the feedback bar to the right, the bar will automatically move to the left for the other feedback on your list.
    2. This happens to ensure that not all feedback will be equally important.
  4. If you scroll down on the page, you will see feedback "Suggested by Others" 
  5. You can up-vote or down-vote feedback submitted by others to indicate your priorities.
    screenshot of the Suggested by others tabel in the portal view
  6. When you up-vote feedback submitted by others, it moves to the list of "My Priorities" where you can prioritize the feedback against any other pieces of feedback that you have given high priority. Please see step 2.

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