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Performance: Upgrading to Lighthouse Version 10

Modified on: Wed, 7 Feb, 2024 at 1:24 PM

Available starting February 28th as part of the Q1 2024 launch.

We have upgraded the Siteimprove Performance Product to support Lighthouse version 10. 

In this article, we'll walk you through the changes in your Performance score and what's new in our product.

What updates affect my Performance Score?

With the upgrade to Lighthouse v10, we are rolling out updates that will impact your Performance score. Please note that all your historical performance scores will not be affected and will be saved prior to the update.

Updates to Improvement affecting the Performance score:

Name of improvementDepreciated audit
Time to Interactive (TTI)X

What updates to the weight of the score will affect my Performance Score?

Audit NamePrevious WeightNew WeightDifference %pt
Cumulative Layout Shift15%25%+10%
Time to Interactive (TTI)10%--10%

What updates have we made to the Performance interface?

As Google has phased out the “Time to Interactive” metric with Lighthouse V10, it will no longer be reflected in Performance, so you will not see ‘Interactive’ in the score breakdown.

Average Score Breakdown with Interactive measurement and without

Picture 1: Interactive will no longer be visible in the Score breakdown.

Additional questions?

If you have additional questions, then reach out to your Customer Success Executive or create a ticket for Siteimprove Support.

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