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February 20th, 2024: Bugfix impacting page count and DCI score for 110 sites

Modified on: Mon, 19 Feb, 2024 at 11:48 AM

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024.

110 sites across 80 accounts are impacted by a bug in the Siteimprove platform that was recently discovered and fixed. This may have impacted page counts and DCI scores.

Bug description

The bug appeared as each site had reached its maximum links limit while having remove-link rules applied and matching links set to be removed on the sites. The removed links were not removed during the crawl, only at the end of the crawl once the maximum link number was reached. At that point, the crawl incorrectly stopped running. More pages could have been found if the links were removed sooner. In rare cases, this led to some pages not being crawled before the crawl stopped.

Impact of fixing the bug

When the bug fix is applied, the removed link rules will be applied correctly throughout the crawl instead of at the end of it. This may lead to more pages being found on the site. Depending on the health of those pages, your DCI score could be impacted positively or negatively by this. In most cases, we don’t expect many more pages to be found on a site after the bugfix is deployed. Nevertheless, we want you to be aware of the change and the potential upcoming DCI impact.

Deployment of the fix

The bugfix will be deployed on Tuesday, February 20th. After this, the scan performed on your site might result in changes to your page count within the platform, which could affect your DCI score. 

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