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What is Performance and why does it matter?

Modified on: Thu, 19 Aug, 2021 at 4:34 PM

Web Performance is the objective measurement and the perceived user experience of load times when a user visits your website. Web performance covers how long a site takes to load, become interactive and responsive, and how smooth the content is presented when the user interacts with the content.

Many features of modern websites impact performance, including the size of media content on the page, CSS weight, the processing load on the browser and the efficiency of the scripting that is used on the site. As sites are getting more and more complex, interactive and feature-rich, we’re seeing performance become a bigger and bigger factor in determining whether your site is successful or not. By providing a quick, efficient and consistent experience for our users, we’re increasing the likelihood of improving conversions and achieving success with our web content.

How can Siteimprove help?

Siteimprove Performance will allow you to easily identify areas of optimization, coordinate efforts to improve site performance and track your progress. By employing these features, you’re setting yourself up to deliver better performance for your visitors. These features include;

  • Visitor Profiles: Customize the testing parameters that are used to audit the performance of your site so that it matches your target audience as closely as possible.
  • Issues and Recommendations: Understand what’s causing slowdowns and take action to solve the issues where they appear.
  • Performance score: Quickly identify underperforming pages and where to start working by using our performance scores that include data from the Google Lighthouse scoring scale.
  • Asset Location Map: See where your page elements are physically stored and discover both technical and non-technical fixes to speed up load times.
  • User Loading Experience: Visualize the loading experience of every element of your page and learn how to make the most important elements appear first.

If you would like to try the Performance module reach out to your contact at Siteimprove or sign up for a Performance Demo.

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